Welcome To The Totally Free Server!
This is a Free Server NOT a Easy Server

Welcome to the "Totally Free English Server" that is here now ....

Where there is no Item Mall But a Item Mall Map where you can get the Items.Weapons,Armour,Pets and Mounts etc when you reach Level 30

As the amount you pay is what you earn as you level higher in the game

Everything here is what i call Level Based as some things you can not goto or aquire until certain level similiar to the way weapons etc work

Also keep a eye on what certain NPC say as they will help you understand what is happening here like i have hidden all over the original maps many NPC's called Happy Birthday with all sorts of weapons and items and a surprise too

i have decided that i will leave all the once a year like the Easter ,Halloween etc maps the all the time for use when you reach its level requirement

i have decided to modify some of the maps like you will see in some ot the pictures as lo the inventory you will find that you can change between day.afternoon and night

I decided that i would not add things like Wings, Sashes etc as i think they are not apart of the original game (but i mite change my mind)

the server ia basically like other servers but i have added my own style

So have a look at the items on the server which will give you a understanding on whats here

The Team.
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